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In the digital world, it is easy to forget about the perception of the brand image of stationery design. The idea of stationery has been associated with marketing for years, but now we see the role it plays in marketing becoming redundant. Nowadays, marketers believe that social media is far more powerful than any traditional advertisement and stationery is no longer required as it has been replaced by digital technology. So, does business stationery still matter in a digital age? The answer is yes, the truth is that although branded stationery is an old fashion marketing resource, the business should not dismiss, overlook or take it lightly. It remains a key opportunity to create a strong first impression and build brand recognition.

As an advertising tool, stationery design is one of the first marketing collaterals that catch the eye of someone who wants to work with you. People respond well to visual cues and, in order to succeed in business, it’s important to consider what your brand looks like. Business stationery provides continuous marketing and a ‘personal’ presence. Branded stationery doesn’t have to be expensive and allows you to personalise your brand images such as pens, letterheads and envelopes whenever they are handled or viewed.

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If you need some stationery design tips for your business, we have some for you. At Red Hot Chilli, you can find the best stationery design with great care that is cost-effective and immediately available, to give your business a professional look.

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