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Newsletters, marketing or promotional emails sometimes can come off as spam from the customers’ perception. However, a well-crafted email marketing strategy may bring exceeding benefits and help to stay connected with your potential customers. There are some main reasons why you should start email marketing

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  1. It is targeted with personalised content. Emails offer more platforms to create more detailed and informative content that the audiences are already interested in receiving and hearing about, they will spend more time exploring and reading your content.
  2. It is inexpensive and grows sales. All things that businesses need are just beautiful design, quality email and databases. The more people who opt into your database, the more chances to convince people. A study shows that 60% of email recipients made at least one purchase based on a marketing email.
  3. Improving brand awareness and customer relationships. Email marketing bombards the audiences with advertising, so when they need your products or services, your brand would be top of mind. Moreover, rewarding the subscribers also leads to better brand awareness and generates sales.
  4. It provides comprehensive analytics and metrics that your business can track who opened your email and what they have been clicking on to understand customers’ behaviour.

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